5 Things You Must Do Immediately after a DUI Arrest

5 Steps to Dealing with the Aftermath of a DUI5-things-after-DUI-in-Baltimore-1

A DUI arrest can be a life-changing event; however, the aftermath can be managed depending on how you respond.

Instead of avoiding the situation or waiting for it to play out, it’s imperative to tackle it head on. The longer you wait to take action, the more challenging the situation becomes.

Let’s take a look at 5 important things you must do immediately after a DUI to protect yourself and how to find the best Baltimore DUI lawyer for you.

1. Write Down Absolutely Everything

It may seem pointless after being pulled over for a DUI, but it’s very important to write everything down and record details. After a few days or weeks, you’ll be surprised at what slips your mind.

In the legal industry, it’s often said DUI cases are won and lost in the details. Even seemingly trivial information can make a big difference in your case.

Important things to note about your drunk driving arrest:

  • When and where were you when the arrest took place?
  • The reason the officer gave you for making the stop
  • Was a breath test administered?
  • What did the breathalizer device look like?
  • What questions did the officer ask you?
  • What other tests were performed?

It’s critical to draft a complete version of what happened as soon as possible, and share this information exclusively with your lawyer.

2. Gather Witnesses

In Maryland, the prosecution will have witnesses and the ability to develop a solid case, regardless of the truth of the situation. In response, you need the power of witnesses on your side, as well.

If anyone was in your car, with you prior to the arrest, or can provide character testimonies, ask them if they would be willing to help.

3. Contact an Attorney

DUI cases are difficult cases for the defendant. However, they are not impossible to win. You will need an experienced Baltimore DUI lawyer who is sympathetic to your situation, has a track record of success, and can build a case that will stand up in court.

4. Try Not to Stress

A pending DUI charge can be a huge weight on your shoulders. While it’s hard to do, don’t obsess over it. It will do nothing but cause you to panic and make ill-advised decisions.

Let your attorney develop a detailed plan, and follow his or her lead. Trust that your attorney understands how to achieve the best results.

5. Learn from the Situation

Regardless of what happened or whether you were rightly or wrongly arrested, it’s important to learn from the experience. One DUI conviction can have negative consequences, but a second, third, or fourth can land you in serious trouble.


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  1. That’s a good tip to write down your location and why the officer stopped you. You’ll want to make sure your story is straight, but the reason the officer stopped you is legally important. Certain kinds of stops are unacceptable because the officer needs to have observed behavior that would suggest a law was broken.

  2. Your first suggestion is so important to do. Writing down everything that happened even if it’s still as clear as day in your mind is crucial. Getting those crucial details like when, where, and what exactly occurred could become more blurry a few months down the road. I imagine that this could have a big impact on the chances of you winning your case.

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