Juvenile Defense Attorney

expereinced-juvenile-defense-attorney-baltimore-mdAs one of the leading juvenile defense attorneys in Maryland, Dilip Paliath knows that a criminal record early-on can have damaging long-term effects for minors.

If your child is facing criminal charges, it is important to take these matters seriously and talk to a juvenile defense lawyer immediately.

Choosing the Right Lawyer to Defend Your Child

As a skilled juvenile defense attorney, Dilp is equipped to handle a variety of misdemeanor and felony offenses committed by minors, such as vandalism, trespassing, shoplifting, underage drinking, and more.

Dilip has an extensive background in defending minors and will aggressively fight to protect your child. He is deeply involved throughout your child’s case, including answering questions from the police on your child’s behalf.

Through his years as a juvenile defense lawyer in Maryland, Dilip has developed a systematic approach in preparing for juvenile trials and thrives in the courtroom. He has successfully defended numerous minors, and clients can be confident that he will represent their best interests.

Why Choose a Private Attorney Over a Public Defender?

As a private attorney, Dilip is committed to ensuring that you and your loved ones have a strong defense team fighting for you. He works closely with his clients to ensure they understand their charges, their legal rights, and the options available to them. Dilip also partners with your family to minimize the lasting effects of any charges brought against your child by the state of Maryland.


It is important to contact a defense attorney as soon as you know your child has been arrested.

Contact Dilip’s office in Towson, Maryland today to discuss your child’s case.

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