DWI & DUI Lawyer in Cockeysville, MD

Maryland police make on average over 20,000 DUI arrests yearly. Were you one of such arrests this year?

If you are in need of legal counsel following a DUI or DWI arrest, call on Dilip Paliath, Esq. – a DUI lawyer in Cockeysville, Maryland – to be your courtroom ally.


Dependable DUI Defense Team

cockeysville dui dwi lawyer dilip paliathDilip, with his partners at Preller, Preller, and Paliath, is serving the good people of Cockeysville, Maryland by devoting the necessary attention to detail to each individual case and client.

Dilip recognizes you are an individual and your background and case specifics should be treated as such.

Dilip makes a commitment to seeing his clients through every step of the legal process, familiarizing them with options and expectations. There are many specific consequences associated with a DWI/DUI arrest.


Potential DWI/DUI Consequences in Maryland

Fines & Fees

DUI sentencing begins at a minimum $500 fine not including other fees incurred throughout the process, probationary fees, and other costs. These costs can hinder bill pay, take away from expenses for children and home, and impede saving for the future. Fines and fees are very case-dependent but a knowledgeable DUI lawyer will be able to anticipate what may be incurred and try to help lower this number.

Suspension & Revocation 

It is not uncommon for courts to suspend or revoke a driver’s license following a DUI arrest. This can be a huge problem for many people, as it impedes transportation to work and school, taking children and dependents where they need to be, and taking care of life’s necessities. The demands of life cause many people to drive on a suspended license or drive without valid licensure which can incur negative consequences for the driver.

Ignition Interlock

In Maryland, any DUI/DWI arrest made on a driver whose Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) was .15 or higher at the time of arrest will be required to take a breathalyzer test via the Ignition Interlock Device (IID) to operate his or her vehicle for a designated period of months.

Jail Time

DUI charges can and do incur jail time, especially in cases such as child endangerment, negligence, or repeat DUI offense. Jail time is never a good experience and can cause individuals to lose employment, become delinquent in bill-pay and generally lose their handle on life’s responsibilities.


About Dilip Paliath, Esq.

Dilip Paliath is no stranger to Maryland law.

Having spent most of his life in the Old Line state and serving as the Assistant State’s Attorney for a time in Towson, Dilip knows his Maryland law.

Though Dilip is now a prominent Maryland lawyer, his achievement began in youth as high school Valedictorian and Summa Cum Laude graduate. As he went on to obtain his degree from Boston College, also Summa Cum Laude, and later study law in Virginia, Dilip accomplishes the goals to which he commits.

Now, Dilip Paliath sets his mind to protecting the rights of his clients by being a relentless advocate in court.


Protect Yourself with a Professional

There is potential to lower your fines, keep your license, and stay out of jail by partnering with Dilip Paliath, acclaimed DUI lawyer in Cockeysville. Contact the office of Dilip Paliath Esq. by phone today at 410-494-1494.

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