DWI and DUI Lawyer

Have you been charged with a drunk driving offense in Maryland?

Defend yourself with one of the top DWI and DUI attorneys in Maryland.

baltimore-dui-lawyer-dwi-attorneyDilip Paliath is one of the top DWI and DUI lawyers in Maryland and knows how to protect his clients faced with drunk driving charges.

As an experienced criminal defense attorney, Dilip thrives in both trial preparation and in the courtroom.

The consequences of drunk driving charges can potentially include consequences such as fines, license suspension, and even jail time. Don’t face these charges alone. Having a seasoned DUI attorney like Dilip on your side, that is focused on protecting his clients, is essential in these types of cases.

Dilip Fights for His Clients’ Rights

Dilip commits his full resources to each case, ensuring maximum results for all of his clients. He knows the DWI and DUI case proceedings in Maryland thoroughly and his clients can be confident that their case will treated with a high level of attention and dedication.

Dilip takes the time to communicate with his clients so they fully understand their case, legal rights, and all of the options available to them.

Additional Criminal Defense Services

Dilip Paliath handles a variety of other criminal misdemeanors and felonies, including traffic court and assault cases.  Having the right legal team fighting on your side is important. Dilip’s clients can be confident that they have the right partner on their side.

Contact Dilip’s office today to discuss your case.


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