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business-law-attorney-baltimore-marylandWe understand that for our clients running their own businesses, they already have enough on their plates and dealing with matters of business law can be frustrating and complicated.

As a leading business lawyer in Maryland, Dilip Paliath is able to provide his clients with a number of legal services.

Whether you are an entrepreneur preparing to start a new venture or an established owner looking to expand or refine your business, having an experienced attorney, such as Dilip on your side is essential.

He is happy to advise his clients on a full range of business transactions, including your selection of corporate form, buying and selling of businesses, reviewing and drafting contracts to give your business a  competitive advantage, and helping to resolve contract disputes. Dilip is also available as an in-house attorney for smaller companies.

Contact his office today to schedule a private meeting to discuss your business transaction needs today.


Additional Services:

Estate Planning


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