Why Your New Business Needs an Attorney


Venturing out on your own. Being your own boss.  Doing what you love.  Making all the important decisions. Calling the shots. You have finally decided to start your own business.  This is an exciting time for you, but it doesn’t… Continue Reading


How do Ignition Interlock Devices Work?

Maybe you have heard about the new bill that proposes mandatory IIDs for first time DUI and DWI offenders in Maryland. Or perhaps you have just heard the term IID mentioned recently and are curious as to what one is,… Continue Reading


Top 10 Most Unusual and High Profile DUI Cases in Maryland

DUI Attorney in Maryland

We would like to say up front that we have the deepest respect for DUI victims and their families, and our list is not intended to diminish their loss, pain, or suffering in any way. Driving under the influence is… Continue Reading


5 Things You Wish You Knew Before Being Arrested for DUI in MD

Things You Wish You Knew Before Being Arrested for DUI in Maryland

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The True Cost of a DUI Conviction in Maryland

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How Do You Know if Your Business is Big Enough to Need In-House Counsel? And What if You Can’t Afford One?

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Breaking Up is Hard to Do: What Happens When Your Company Needs to be Dissolved

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How to Use Estate Planning to Pass Your Business Onto Your Children

One of the advantages to owning a business is that unlike people, the business can live forever. However, if you own a closely held business it’s vital that you make plans for what would happen to the business if you… Continue Reading